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Kidz Pants Ultra Thin Diapers XL (12-18kg) – 56 pcs

৳ 2,500

Key Features of Kidz Pant Diapers XL

  • Weight range: XL (12-18kg)
  • Pack size: 56 pcs
  • Clothlike Soft Backsheet
  • Wetness Indicator Glue
  • 400g, 50% Janpanese Sumitomo Absorbent Paper
  • Faveolate Super-Soft Top Sheet
  • Cartoon Frontal Tape
  • 360° Elastic Waistband
  • White ADL
  • Total SAP will get to 8.50 ml
  • Total absorption will get to 950 ml

Kidz Diapers do not contain any kind of chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Kidz Diapers are 100% chlorine free and they are using German and Japanese technology for killing harmful bacteria and increasing the suction capacity of our diapers. Kidz Diapers do not require chlorine for ther diapers and thus they are making Kidz Diapers much more suitable for the health and wellbeing of your sweet little superstar.


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